Plastic se Mukkti

The Problem

The Maharashtra Government on 23rd June, 2018 banned all single use plastics under section 12 of Maharashtra’s Non-Biodegradable Act, with a penalty of Rs.5000 becoming part of 17 other states that have taken similar actions.

Our Solution

Cloth bags were popular before we started using plastic and now vendors have started looking into it as an alternative to plastic.
With this in mind we started considering Cotton and Jute bags as a durable yet eco friendly alternative to plastic. Mukkti Foundation broke ground in Phase I of our project by distributing Khadi bags in our neighborhood & at Phoenix Mall, Parel.

The enthusiastic response from public encouraged us to take our initiative further by expanding it into a sustainable project, serving not just the purpose of environment protection but also providing income to individuals who are economically and physically challenged.

The Big Picture

In Phase II, we want to set up airy (ventilated) rooms equipped with sewing machines and fabric to make these bags while ensuring safety and comfort of the people involved in making them.
Empowering women from impoverished households, disabled women, women in confinement is our priority as this will be an opportunity to learn skills while earning money. These bags will be distributed in Food outlets, Schools and colleges, Grocery/Retail stores and Farmers Markets.


In the next Phase we will scale up so that we can reach more beneficiaries all over india.
Our effort is to make fun, customisable bags made through sustainable and ethical means which can replace plastic and take the pressure off our sensitive ecosystem. Most of the plastic that has been produced still persists, and yes, it is a problem that will outlive people for many centuries.

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