Team Members

Smita Thackeray

Her middle-class values and background has always kept her grounded in reality and this has been one of the key driving forces in founding Mukkti Foundation. Her education in BSc has given the edge in understanding the true requirements when we began HIV research and awareness along with our efforts towards Drug rehabilitation and awareness. Today she has grown into a force of guidance and support for all the team members as the leader of the pack who always believes in standing front and centre when the wave hits. Her consistent and stubborn drive for helping others has encouraged all around her to ensure that we succeed in our efforts towards helping our society.

Rahul Thackeray

MD & Creative Head
He is passionate about Films, Photography, Music and Art. After earning High Honors in VFX and Filmmaking from Toronto, he returned to Indian Cinema to become a Writer and Director. With one Marathi film under his belt and his Hindi debut on the way, he has also expanded his creative endeavours into the operations of Mukkti Foundation. He has brought his own unique perspective and creative touch to Mukkti, over the past few years by revamping the visual language of the organization and bringing it into the modern platform.

Allwyn Rodriques

Head of Operations
A Bachelor of Commerce, Allwyn is passionate about understanding people and striving in Social Work. He has been managing the administration and execution of projects, since Mukkti’s inception over 21 years ago. Also, as a part of our core project development team, he takes the responsibility of ensuring success in each aspect of our work. He is a livewire who motivates our team across all levels to take on these challenges. He has always worked to executed great initiatives under the NGO with teamwork and has achieved tangible results for the foundation.

Dr. Aditi Thackeray

Officer of Special Projects/ Occupational Therapist
Aditi brings to the organization, her drive and enthusiasm which guided her through earning her Masters in Occupational Therapy from K.E.M. Hospital & Seth G.S. Medical College and her organizational skills of handling big events worldwide while working as a wedding planner, over the past few years. Her Technical, Medical and Methodical approach has brought a new style of executing fresher ideas and has helped in forming newer alliances for the Organization which has helped us to branch out and explore new verticals for our social causes.

Aafreen Rangara

Senior Executive Operations
Aafreen Rangara is passionate about understanding the needs of people and strives to create a difference in the society. Recently graduated from the University of Wolverhampton and attaining a degree of BA Hons in Business Management, Aafreen has now joined Mukkti Foundation. She looks after developing new projects for the foundation in areas where the society needs to be addressed. Her management skills allows her to carry out activities in order and efficiently.

Rhia Thanawala

Senior Executive Operations
Rhia Thanawala has completed her interior design from Mumbai and now looks after the creative department of Mukkti. She manages the social media handles and is in charge of execution for all the Mukkti campaigns. Her creative mindset helps team break the stereotype and design campaigns as per the needs of the society. Her hard work and diligence has boosted Mukkti on digital platforms.

Rohan Gawli

Head of Accounts
A Bachelor of Commerce, Rohan is dedicated and a hard working member of the foundation. He has been managing Post of Accountant Head since past 11 years at Mukkti Foundation. He is a cooperative and supportive team member. Not only does he ensure accurate records with ethical conduct, but is also a multi-tasker. He is self-motivated and is overall excellent in managing accounting affairs. All in all, an accountable team member.

Hardik Reen

Senior Editor
Hardik Singh Reen is an upcoming star in the world of editing. He entered the industry as an editor 8 years ago and ever since his graph has shown an amazingly upward trend. He carries a style of his own and his work proves this. In these eight long years where beginners strive to survive, Hardik has earned a name and reputation for himself. His accomplishments include of Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi and other regional movies, shows, trailers and music videos. Hardik also work as our senior editor for videos for social media.


Maintainance & Admin
Shukla is one of the first team members of Mukkti Foundation. He has marked his presence before the inception of the foundation. He has proved his loyally managing all the activities since the past 30 years. Dedicated his life to the foundation, Shukla has been an admirable, hardworking and enthusiastic member of the team and has proven to be the irreplaceable wise voice of reason for every team member.


Chief of Security
Born and brought up in Mumbai, he has a taste for beaches, bones and mutton-liver-rice. A thorough gentlemandog with a strong protective instinct towards anyone he calls family and any place he calls home, or office. With a sharp sight and a sharper nose for danger, he fit every criteria for becoming the right choice for our Chief of Security, even though he does struggle with the walkie talkie at times.