The Red Ribbon Show

Mukkti Foundation hosted a 13-episode long television chat show, hosted by Sonu Nigam on HIV/AIDS, directed at overthrowing the social stigmas related to HIV/AIDS by facilitating interactions between the affected HIV individuals and celebrity guests present on the show. An amount was raised for the medical expenses of each of the affected individuals present on the show. (It was aired on STAR TV in November 2000).

Ms. Smita Thackeray & Mr. Sonu Nigam launch the first day of the show's shoot.
Shri. Amitabh Bachchan on the sets of 'Mukkti Red Ribbon Show'.
Ms. Smita Thackeray on the sets of 'Mukkti Red Ribbon Show'
Host Mr. Sonu Nigam interviews celebrity guests Shri Jitendra and Pooja Batra.