Mukkti Foundation is not just an organization but a dream. It is a dream that I’ve nurtured for almost two decades now; a dream to mark a difference in each life I come across; to bring a smile on their faces and tears of happiness in their eyes. Proving them, that if I can, so can you.

With Mukkti, I feel free and yet vulnerable. I feel stripped of my titles and predispositions. I feel open to each person I choose to give my heart out to. Each life is precious to me and I have promised myself to help through whatever means I can. Be it a small child diagnosed with HIV for no fault of his own, or the young teenage girl struggling to resist a relapse to drug abuse or the woman who has kept quiet over years after tolerating domestic violence, I want to reach out to them all.

Almost all the time, bringing a change, and a positive change to be specific, is more difficult than you would plan for. With the doubt, the resistance and the constant reminders that what we want to achieve is impossible, most of us feel bogged down. But the one thing I have learnt from these individuals is that nothing is a hurdle. I have learnt to take each obstacle that comes my way as a challenge and surpass it. Witnessing the constant strife of each person I interact with every day, I get reassured to take a stand and fight my struggles around Mukkti as well. The deep-seated urge to be better and the joy of fighting for others is what strengthens me.

Today I bring my efforts to a larger platform, inviting you to join hands with me to make a long- lasting change in the lives of the people around us. Through new services and campaigns dedicated to reaching out to as many people as possible, we wish to strengthen hope in people. Through this website, I choose to bring forth my dream and lay it in front of you. I hope you will share this dream with me.

Mukkti: A Smita Thackeray Foundation